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Botdiril is a multiplatform idle RPG game.

Currently, only playing through the Discord bot Meson is supported, hovewer a dedicated web app is in the works.

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Open Source

The framework is open sourced under the AGPLv3 license.

Feel free to fork the project and hack on it, however I would prefer if you contacted me before using it in a larger project.

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Got any suggestions, bug reports or ideas?

You can send me an e-mail, however I would prefer if you submitted a GitHub issue or joined my Discord server.

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Quick start guide

In order to use commands, see the bot's prefix in your server. By default, the bot's nickname should be visible in its nickname. Alternatively you can use it with the constant prefix botdiril..

[$] Botdiril => The $ prefix

A complete list of commands is available with the help command.

Typing $help shows a list of categories.

You can see your profile with the balance command, comprising important statistics needed to progress in the game.

$daily is the simplest form of stable income.

In order to spend your earnings, you can buy items at the shop. When using commands, remember to use item IDs to refer to items. IDs are usually the item's name, but lowercase and without spaces.

The $shop command

You can buy your first pickaxe at the shop, needed for mining.

Currently, the game's main playstyle is grinding with the mine <pickaxe> and woodcut commands and using the daily command once a day.

The $mine command The $woodcut command

In order to see your inventory, use the inventory command.

The $inventory command displaying your owned items

These are the basics to begin using the Meson Botdiril bot. Enjoy!